Culture Satellite Account

Ministry of Culture
National Administrative Department of Statistics, DANE
Objetivos clave de la medida:

To carry out the economic measurement of the segments of the cultural sector.

To create a focused, continuous, and comparable information system that allows economic valuation of cultural products and of the activities that generate them.

Alcance de la medida:
Naturaleza de la medida:
Característica principal de la medida:

It is a measure for gathering and accessing information in the cultural sector. The variables of the Account are: production, intermediate consumption, value added, offer / usage balances, expenditure tables along with an employment matrix of the cultural sector. The following sectors have been considered for the implementation of the methodology of the Culture Satellite Account: audiovisual, music, performing arts, games and toys, publishing, visual arts, advertising and cultural education.

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:
  1. To position the Culture Satellite Account as an input for the diagnosis and decision making of public and private agents.
  2. To improve the availability of cultural sector information in Colombia.
  3. To constantly improve the sources of information and methodologies for calculating the account variables for each of the sectors.
  4. To expand the coverage of research to cover more cultural sectors.
  5. To work with the DANE (National Administrative Department of Statistics) to improve the availability of information of the account in areas such as domestic and foreign trade of services as well as the identification of secondary activities of employees.
  6. To constantly improve methodologies and data collection to encompass information coming from media outlets of cultural services and goods, such as virtual platforms.  
Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

Resources assigned to this measure are directly associated with the technical team that implements the measurement of the Account, in which two members are appointed by the DANE and another two appointed by the Ministry of Culture. For 2012-2016, the resources invested in this measure were: $470.999 USD

Principales conclusiones de la evaluación de la medida:

The specificities of the cultural sector require constant update, inclusion of new sources and alternative approaches for the calculation of the data processed by the Culture Satellite Account. Additionally, the contrast with other sources of data and non- monetary indicators is crucial for strengthening data analysis.


Indicadores utilizados para determinar el impacto:
3 indicators were used to evaluate and determine impact of the Culture Satellite Account: statistical indicators, economic indicators and non-monetary indicators. The statistical indicators include mean and variance of the data. Economic indicators include production, sales costs and intermediate consumption, and finally data for non-monetary indicators was collected in order to nourish the data from the Satellite Account and from National Accounts regarding the cultural sectors.
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