Cultural and Creativity Industries (Macau)

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Complying with the 12th five-year plan of the Central Government, the Macao SAR Government has focused on diversifying the economic sectors of Macao, with a particular focus on cultural and creative industries. As its name implies, the cultural and creative industries, combines cultural and creative values with economic development, making them more efficient. The Government, in order to facilitate the development of cultural and creative industries, has invested in the past two years and plans to invest in the next few years a great deal of resources to foster culture and creativity and make these industries profitable. The creation of the Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Department under the supervision of the Cultural Affairs Bureau and Cultural Industry Committee one year ago was essential to the promotion of cultural and creative industries in Macao. The preliminary draft of the “Framework of Development of Cultural and Creative Industries in Macao” covers 5 major aspects, including industry promotion, industry funding, creative talent cultivation, administrative and legal support, and industrial research. The Framework aims to set up short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies and measures for local cultural and creative industries. A cultural industry zone will be set up in Henqin Island with the support of the Central Government, in order to bring the development of cultural industries up to a new level. In recent years, the government has been recruiting local industries to participate in overseas cultural fairs and exhibition. It is expected that these industries in the coming years will contribute to the local economy, and therefore lay the necessary foundations to achieve economic diversification.

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