Periodic Report Jordan

Executive summary

Since its establishment, the Ministry of Culture has played a pioneer role in encouraging culture and creativity in Jordan. The Ministry has contributed to the elevation of Jordanian Cultural Action through implementing and fostering a variety of annual programmes, events and activities; in particular, those concerned with cultural diversity. It is safe to say that all programmes, events and activities held, supported, or given patronage by the Ministry all contribute in one way or another to ensuring safeguarding and further developing cultural diversity; as this diversity is one of the main pillars of the Ministry and is the cornerstone of cultural work in general. A number of the mentioned programmes and achievements include:

  1. The National Programme for Development of a Culture of Dialogue
  2. Community Awareness and Communication Programme
  3. Conventions, Assemblies, and Conferences Programme
  4. Participation in Cultural Weeks of neighboring and friendly Countries
  5. Participation in international book exhibitions
  6. Participation in international festivals, conferences and in cultural and artistic assemblies.
  7. Establishing partnership agreements and conducting executive cultural programmes.
  8. Carrying out theatrical and artistic festivals
  9. Cross-Mediterranean internet project
  10. Publications and productions project
  11. Cultural Non-Governmental Organizations and Institutions
  12. Meddler Project for Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage
  13. Cultural Diversity Agreement
  14. Global Heritage
  15. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a current member of the Civilization Coalition outset by United Nations.